November 15, 2014

Clay and Metal Blog Hop Reveal!

Blog Hop giveaway winners are: 1). Rebecca Ednie - Beautiful components from Sharyl McMillian-Nelson and 2). Shaiha Williams - lovely bead kit from Lisa Lodge.  Congratulations, Rebecca and Shaiha!

The reveal is finally here!  I have been looking forward to this blog hop for quite a while.  Three years ago, Sharyl Mc-Millian Nelson was one of the first artists I connected with on-line when I started making jewelry.  She was always very helpful and encouraging. We have followed each others "jewelry journeys" these past few years.  Sharyl is not only a talented jewelry artist, she is also a talented component maker. I am proud to be able to host a blog hop featuring her awesome components. Here is an example of her altered metal, and handmade polymer clay items:
Hammered Brass Ovals
Polymer Clay Set
 I asked Sharyl to write a short bio so you could get to know her better.  Here it is:

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson has been making jewelry since her graduate school days, but in 2011 she began a business and online store using the name, “Sharyl’s Jewelry.” As her jewelry business and interest in art beads grew, she began making and selling handmade metal components, wire findings, and polymer clay beads and pendants too.

Recently, she opened 2 “Metapolies™” stores, one on Etsy and one on ACM.  Are you wondering about that curious new store name?  

METAL + POLymer clay = METAPOLIES!    

       It’s  pronounced  “Meh-TOP-oh-leez.”

Her focus is on artisan-made, one-of-kind pieces.  Her work has been published in “Bead Trends,” “Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry,” “Jewelry Stringing,” and the online “Bead Chat” magazine.

She currently has stores in the following online locations:

     Metapolies™  (Etsy)    (jewelry & components)

     Metapolies™ (ACM)   (components only)

     Sharyl’s Jewely (Artfire)   (jewelry & components)

To keep up-to-date on all the latest Metapolies™ and Sharyl’s Jewelry™ news, sales, publications, and more:
please follow her blog:
and business Facebook page:

Moving on to the blog hop...

I made a pair of earrings using Sharyl's nifty starfish charms:
Natural Shell Starfish Dangle Earrings

Of course their is a giveaway!  In fact, there are TWO giveaways! Sharyl has put together an awesome prize package featuring her components, and I have put together a fun bead kit of goodies. All you need to do is to leave ONE comment on this post to enter. I will draw the two winning names on November 23rd, 2014, so have your entry in by midnight on the 22nd. The first name drawn will win Sharyl's prize, and the second will win my bead packet.

Please hop around the blogs and see everyone's awesome creations:
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  1. love your earrings. I had fun participating looking forward to seeing others creations :) thank you!!

  2. Love these earrings Lisa! Thank you so much for hosting this hop and working with Sharyl to bring us this opportunity to work with her wonderful components!

  3. Great beachy summery earrings! Thank you Lisa for this great hop and for making me discover Sharyl's work! And a giveaway, fantastic, thank you again.

  4. Anonymous11/15/2014

    Thanks for a challenging challenge! And love your earrings too, very cute and summery!

  5. Lisa, thank you for another fun hop! I really enjoyed using Sharyl's components because she is one of the first artists I bought from, and I'm still loving her components today!

  6. I forgot to say I love the starfish earrings! They make me want to go dancing on the beach.

  7. Beautiful design, Lisa! I couldn't figure out why I had lost track of you on FB, but it looks like I accidentally turned off notifications (fixed that!)

  8. Anonymous11/15/2014

    Love the earrings and I love Sharyl's new shop! Pretty please count me in for the amazing giveaway!

    Angi Mullis

  9. I learned of this blog hop through Kari at Hippie Chick design. I'm new to jewelry making and am excited to find new blogs and enjoy the creations from this hop.

  10. Your challenges are always fun and I have gotten a few of Sharyls things in the past so it,s fun to have a chance to win some of each. Your earrings are beautiful.

  11. Anonymous11/15/2014

    Thanks for introducing me to this artist. I had not hear the name before and am touring her sites as soon as I comment. What a clever name! Those starfish earrings gave me some sunshine and the warmth of beach sand to my chilly bones today. Beautiful!

  12. Hi Lisa, Your beachy earrings are cute. Thank you for hosting so many great hops.

  13. I'm really enjoying this hop with Sharyl's components. She is very talented and quite diverse. It's interesting to see how different artists use her work. Love the starfish earrings!

  14. Love the earrings and components

  15. I loved looking at all the wonderful creations by everyone and thanks for the opportunity to win some lovely goodies! Lynn Carling (

  16. Great post!! So many talented artists.

  17. Thank you so much for hosting this hop. I just love Sharyl's components especially her patinaed metal.

    Those earrings are just great. One of the first pieces I purchased from Sheryl was a patina starfish.

  18. Another fun hop - I love the themes you come up with and enjoy seeing everyone's work!

  19. Living on the coast, I have a special place in my heart for beachy jewelry, so your earrings are adorable. Nice work! These components are beautiful, and everyone's creations are amazing. What a fun hop!

  20. Those earrings are fabulous!

  21. Lisa Prewitt Knappenberger you do beautiful work. And I love the company name. Very clever!

    1. Hi, Jimi! I think you meant for this comment to go on Lisa Knappenberger's blog. :-)

  22. Really sweet earrings Lisa. I wish I had time to do some of your hops...for now I just sit on the sidelines cheering you on and enjoying the eye candy! Sharyl makes some great pieces to work with!

  23. So thrilled and excited to see what everyone created with Sharyl's components. She is such a talented lady, and it looks like everyone had a great time on this challenge Lisa. Great job, as always!

  24. To Lisa and Participants-- I THINK I've been around to all the blogs now, and I'm SO touched by your kind words and impressed by all the designs! I'll be making the rounds again once more, so if I missed one, I'll catch it next time. I'll be posting your designs on my Pinterest page showing the work of designer using my components. If anyone would prefer I not do this, please contact me. I'll post this note in several places, in hopes you all will see it. My sincere thanks to Lisa and to all of you! -Sharyl

  25. Lisa, I had such a wonderful time participating in this hop! Thank you both for making it so special. I really love the earrings you made. Those starfish charms are fabulous!

  26. Love those earrings! Thanks for all of the work you put into these blog hops, I love doing them and really appreciate the work you do.

  27. very summery earrings!

  28. Always looking for new and unique components. Thanks for the intro to Sharyl's components.

  29. Anonymous11/16/2014

    Thank you for the fun blog hop!!! :)