July 5, 2014

ZnetShows Summer 2014 Blog Hop and Creative Spark Magazine

I am one of the jewelry artists who has the awesome privilege of being on the ZnetShows Design Team. Periodically, we are asked to create jewelry using their nifty beads and findings.  

This "go round" we were all provided with a lovely selection of cultured seaglass.  We were asked to pick two colors.  I selected Pacific Blue and Desert Gold.  They added in a few extra colors for us as well, in this case - a lovely opaque purple and clear.  Of COURSE I started designing before I took a picture of all the beads (I always seem to do that...).  I get so excited that I dive right in.  Here is a picture that will give you a good representative sample of what I received: pretty sand dollar links, long barrels, cute fish pendants, little barrels, freeform rings and more.  Fun! 

For this round, the designers were asked to make one daytime (casual) design/set and one nighttime (dressy) design/set.

For my daytime set, I created a casual look that was very “beachy” and fun. The cultured seaglass sand dollars, metal shells and palm trees transport the wearer directly into a tropical vacation! The Tiaria crystal adds just the right amount of shine.

Daytime Set Item Numbers: 
Bracelet:  PMX7-B16, P23-B30S, S79-B161, RT250-57AB, P51-B16, M0179-AB, P49-B16, P49-B28, RS264-28AB, M0164-AB
Earrings: P23-B16, P23-B30S, M0179-AB

For my nighttime set, I created a more elegant look. The cultured seaglass anchors the piece with a beach flavor, while the Tiaria crystal and metal add sparkle and shine fit for a night on the town.


Nighttime Set Item Numbers:
Necklace: PMX7-B16, RT-250-57AB, S79-B161, S76-B01, RS183-121L, S74-B28, BDS1926-05, M0439-AS, M0443-AS
Earrings:  RT-250-57AB, S79-B161, M0439-AS, M0443-AS

Don't forget to check out the ZnetShows website.  They sell both in a retail and wholesale capacity.  ZnetShows

Here are direct links to their Cultured Sea Glass and Tiaria Chinese Crystal Beads

Be sure to check out the magazine (So excited - my first cover)!

Creative Spark Summer 2014

and the blog hop:

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  1. Your pieces are lovely. I especially like your daytime pieces. It's no wonder they ended up on a cover!

  2. Again, congrats on the cover! Your pieces scream beach to me! I love the pop of yellow in both of your sets. It's such a hard color for me to work with, but you really made it shine. Awesome job.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I love all of your pieces. The bracelet is fun and just right for summer wear. The necklace is gorgeous. The earrings are perfect for any outfit day or night.

  4. Great colors Lisa, love your beach-y bracelet set. Congrats on the cover!!

  5. I like what you did... its like you can go directly from day to night by adding the fancy necklace. Very clever.

  6. SO COOL! THE COVER PIECES! Very bright and summery, for sure. NICE!

  7. I just love the blend of colors you have on your designs and how both sets will go together so well. Congrats on the cover. They really do scream summer at the beach.

  8. Lisa...Congrats on making the cover! WhooHoo...with that said...I love your creations..very beachy and versatile. YUM!

  9. I liked how you used all of the colors in your necklace designs. Very pretty designs. Congratulations on getting the cover!

  10. Anonymous7/06/2014

    Love those colors together! Definitely a saucy beachy look. Nice work.

  11. Congratulations on the cover! You did an amazing job with your beautiful beads...and the charms you chose to go with them complete the beachy vibe!

  12. Hi Lisa, Great designs and I like your color choices. I don't work with yellow much but ever since I made my sister a yellow and blue necklace for her birthday I am beginning to appreciate it more. Congratulations on getting your design on the cover.

  13. Congratulations on making the cover!! Your pieces are lovely with all three colors mixed in!