July 19, 2014

Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop Reveal

UPDATE: Karin Grosset Grange is the winner of the Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop giveaway!

Woot!  I have been waiting for this reveal for a long time.  It's going to be extra awesome! These talented jewelry artists were sent a variety of shapes and sizes of gemstones (one type of gemstone per person) and plated metal goodies. They were asked to create jewelry or other art using as many beads from the kit as possible.  Most of the beautiful gemstones for this hop are from ZnetShows.  Check out their retail gemstone selections: ZnetShows Gemstones

What did I create?  My favorite gemstone is jasper, so I used some awesome faceted Mookaite jasper ovals to create a metal link necklace with metal toggle clasp.  The clay pendant was given to me a long time ago.  It looks like it may be a Marsha Neal pendant, but I am not positive.  I am not very good at creating links with metal wire yet, so I am fairly pleased with how this turned out. I love pieces that have an "earthy" feel to them.

"Hidden Earth" Necklace by Pine Ridge Treasures

It just would not be a blog hop without a giveaway, right?  Leave a comment (by midnight EST July 26th) on this post and let me know what your favorite gemstone is and why. I will draw a name on July 27th.  The winner will receive a bead package from me full of special goodies!

Time to check out all the gemstone creations!
Your hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist
Kim Dworak, Cianci Blue
Karen Grosset Grange, Ginkgo et Coquelicot
Veralynne Malone, Designed by Vera
Katrina Taylor, I Wanna Go Out
Ann Schroeder, Bead Love
Terri Wlaschin, Dances in Fog
Jo-Ann Woolverton, It's a Beadiful Creation
Kathy Zeigler Lindemer, Bay Moon Design
Heather Richter, Desert Jewelry Designs
Carolyn Lawson, Carolyn's Creations
Toltec  Jewels, Jewel School Friends
Melissa Trudinger, Bead Recipes
Shaiha Williams, Shaiha's Ramblings
Chris Eisenberg, Wanderware
Eleanor Burian Moore, The Charmed Life
Christine Stonefield, Sweet Girl Design

Robin Reed, Artistry HCBD
Laurie Vyselaar, Lefthand Jewelry
Cassi Renee Paslick, Beads: Rolling Downhill
Crystal Thain, Here Bead Dragons
Alicia Marinache, All the Pretty Things (May be delayed a few days)
Marde Lowe, FanciMarDesigns
Linda Anderson, From the Bead Board
Leithleach Alainn Seodra, Alainn Jewelry
Lisa E. Prewitt Knappenberger, LiRaysa Designs
Paige Maxim, Paige Maxim Designs


  1. mookaite, pietersite =)

  2. I love the simplicity of your wire wrapped necklace. Earthy and elegant.

  3. The stones you chose combined with the pendant are beautiful! The variety of colors in the same stone are just amazing, I love the chunkiness and earthy feel of your necklace!
    My favorite stone is picture jasper and I was lucky, it's what I got. I love it because you can see a variety of landscapes desert or sea in the lines of the stones, which gives you so many possibilities of creation and imagination.
    Thank you Lisa for providing us with such great kits and opportunities to create.

  4. Anonymous7/19/2014

    Love the mookaite jasper, goes beautifully with the pendant too! Thanks for another fun hop.

  5. I love your necklace! It has an earthy yet elegant look. The stones are a beautiful mix of colors, and the pendant you chose is the perfect complement! Beaded link chain is always a great look. My favorite gemstone is garnet. It looks so rich. I think my fondness might have something to do with lusting after garnet earrings for about a year while waiting to turn 13 so I could get my ears pierced. Thank you so much, Lisa, for another wonderful hop!

  6. Awesome job Lisa! Soothing and refreshing. I just published mine cause once again blogger scheduling did not work for me again.

  7. Hi Lisa, Thank you for holding this hop. I enjoyed participating in it. Your necklace does have an earthy feel and it is very pretty. Good job on your wire wrapping. You let the gemstones speak for themselves. My favorite gemstone would be either Larimar or Amazonite for their beautiful aqua coloring. My friend Betty teases me by calling me Becky Blue because I use blue and most often an aqua shade of blue in most of the jewelry that I make.

  8. Love the variation of colours in your gemstones. Your necklace is very elegant.
    Thanks for hosting another wonderful challenge.
    Would be have to have just one fav gemstone. Colour is usually a factor in my selection of a gemstone to use in a design. Favs include coral, turquoise and lapis.

  9. I love the colors and design of the necklace that you made. It is very elegant!

    I think that my favorite gemstone is jasper. I love all of the different varieties that there are. It has an earthy quality that I love. I was thrilled that I got a type of jasper that I never designed with before.

    Thank you Lisa for putting together this terrific blog hop. I discovered some metals from Znetshows that I love and in fact I ordered.

  10. That is a fantastic necklace - great colors.
    My favorite stone is Lapis Lazuli.
    I also got my posting up this morning.
    It's been a fun blog hop Lisa.
    Thanks for hosting it.

  11. I love mookaite too, jasper is a beautiful stone, has so many variations. My favorite gemstone is lapis. Thank you Lisa for organizing another wonderful hop!

  12. Your necklace does indeed have an earthy feel to it. It's lovely! I imagine it would feel good to wear too. The weight of stones in a piece of jewelry can add to the enjoyment of donning something handmade.
    It would be difficult to declare a favorite gemstone, but Amazonite comes to mind. I bought a crocheted necklace with a huge, heavy Amazonite pendant in New Zealand by a woman who practiced Reiki while making jewelry. Hard to explain, but every time I wear it, I feel calm and confident. Plus it's a beautiful stone. Thanks for the blog hop & giveaway opportunity.

  13. Lisa, your necklace is beautiful - the pendant and links are perfect! Thank you for hosting another fun hop!! My favorite gemstone is turquoise because the blue/green looks great on everyone

  14. I'm a recent finder and follower of your blog and am enjoying your posts very much.
    Your necklace looks so very comfortable to wear, not only the smoothness of the stones, but the 'feel' of it: soothing and relaxing. Rather like sitting on the bank of a fast moving stream while the trees surround you with their autumnal colors. Your design captures that for me.
    The Hop idea is a great one. Giving the designers the opportunity to use one kind of stone but in various shapes and sizes! Gives me ideas for challenging my own skills.
    Thanks for the giveaway as well. I'm a junkie (lately) for carnelian and blue goldstone.

  15. Anonymous7/19/2014

    I don't know that my first comment went through....
    First thank you for hosting!
    I love the pendant and it matches the jasper beautifully. Flow is awesome, great job.

    I don't have a favorite gem per se, just anything that screams "Look at me! I'm pretty!" lol

  16. Love your beautiful necklace. My favorite gemstone is turquoise, guess I should venture out to some other colors too. Lots of eye candy in hopping through all the blogs. You always have awesome kits to work with.

  17. A favorite gemstone. That is really a toughy because it can vary on the time of day. I love jasper because of all its beautiful varieties, and both sapphire and lapis for the beautiful deep blue color, and onyx because it is very grounding and goes with everything, and...well you see what I mean.

  18. Thanks for hosting this hop! I had lots of fun with my gemstone. I don't know that I've thought much about a favorite gemstone --aventurine comes to mind, since I'm definitely a blues and browns kind of person :-)

  19. I really love the mookite you used Lisa!! Great design. I think you did an amazing job on your metal links!!! You did a really good Job! I am with you on favorite stone. Mine is jasper and if I have to pick a specific jasper it would be ocean jasper. The patterns and color are amazing and always different. Have a Blessed Day

  20. Thank you for coordinating another fun blog hop! I love turquoise as it blends with just about any other stone.

  21. Thank you for hosting this hop, Lisa. It has been so much fun and quite a challenge for me. I love your necklace and your wire links look perfect! There are many gemstones that appeal to me depending on my mood and what I'm designing but my personal favorite is labradorite for it's hidden beauty. Initially it appears a dull grey stone but then the light hits it and it glows in such beautiful shades of gold, green and blue! Gorgeous!

  22. Lisa, that is a beautiful necklace. It looks like you purchased the pendant just to match the stones. Thank you for hosting us!!

  23. Oops. Favorite. Rose quartz. Or aventurine. Or amethyst. Okay... hematite! Wait... tiger's eye!

  24. Love the mookaite, Lisa! Your wirework is lovely and I agree, looks like Marsha to me!

    Thank you for another fabulous hop and for the picture jasper and antique brass -- oh my favorite metal and picture jasper is my new favorite gem now! You're the best!

    xxoo Rita

  25. Beautiful necklace.....love the colors....great job and great hop. Enjoyed it and am working on the next one! Thanks for sharing!


  26. I love the earthy natural look of your jewellery, it would be great for summer. My favourite stone is jade, I swoon when I see it! :) I like rose quartz too and anything blue. It's hard to choose favourites!

  27. First of all, many thanks yet again for your patience and understanding. I keep waiting for things to calm down in my life but I am just in the "perfect storm" right now. These challenges are such a refreshing respite that I gravitate to them without weighing the time commitment with what is actually possible. I wanted so badly to do the "Blue" challenge in September but seriously had to walk away from the computer every time you posted about it. I am hoping that the carnival piece comes together by Saturday's reveal as new "life challenges have arisen and I am scrambling still. Anyway . . . your piece is so soothing and makes me smile. It feels balanced and very organic. I can imagine that the stones would be very comforting touch pieces for the wearer. I applaud your efforts to practice and incorporate a technique that is not as easy for you . . . I never would have known that by looking at your beautiful finished work of art. I hope you have an inkling of how much I adore you!!!

  28. Great Post and really loved the design you made. Simple but sophisticated. I think Moonstone rainbow, Labradorite and Jesper are the best stones for wire wrap jewelry. I would like to know that which stones are you using for next designs?