June 10, 2013

ZnetShows Baby Conch Shell Reveal!

I love participating on the ZnetShows Design Team!   Last week, Bill Zhang of ZnetShows (wholesale beads) sent me some lovely beach glass beads  - specifically, their new baby conch shell beads.  These stylish, lightweight beads are so adorable, and perfect for Summer designs!

I was so excited to get started that I used the black shells before I took this photo.  Here you see the pretty peridot, teal and aqua shells.
Item#s: S29-B82S, S29-B23S, and S29-B88S
I used the black conch shells, and added some funky swirled polymer clay beads by TTE Designs to create these modern dangle earrings:

Item#: S29-B02S
I had purchased freeform flat sea glass beads, peridot crystals, and palm tree and starfish charms from ZnetShows (and had some left in my bead stash)!  Perfect for creating this beach themed bracelet.  All I had to do to complete the look was add one of the aqua conch shells and I was ready for a Summer party! 

Item#s: S40-B30FIVE, S41-B01S, RS198-23AB, S29-B88S, M0164-AS-1, M0477-AS, and S03-30FIVE
I love the color combination of orange and dark blue! These dangle earrings feature orange seaglass 2-hole flat links, palm tree charms, and the teal sea glass conch shells.

Item#s: PMX3-B83, M0164-AS-1, and S29-B82-S
I thought I would try a pendant, since I don't tend to make many of those.  I used a sea glass large freeform shard and half of a toggle clasp (both from ZnetShows, of course), and added some silver chain and one of the pretty peridot conch shells.  Viola!  A modern and classic look.

Item#s P15-B30, M0459-AS-1, and S29-B23S
Thank you Bill for the pretty conch shells! Go to ZnetShows  to see all of their beautiful beach glass beads, and crystals. They also have a facebook page and blog, so be sure to check those out too!


  1. Great earrings and bracelet with the conch shells. I haven't gotten mine yet.

  2. Love them all! That last pair really screams SUMMER at me though. Ha! :) Beautifully done.

  3. Lisa, you made my polymer beads look fabulous-thanks for the shout out. Your other pieces are lovely too- love that pendant.

  4. Love the orange and teal earrings!
    These are all lovely designs!

  5. Lisa, I love the polymer & black baby conch earrings! I can see these with a black dress outfit or jeans. But I also love the blue pendant! What a great summer "beach" look! :0

  6. Love all of them Lisa!! Very beautiful. My favorite is the orange and blue earrings.