October 13, 2012

My Bead Table Blog Hop - Reveal Day and Giveaway!

Recently I needed to clean up the pile of leftover beads on my bead table.  You know the ones - extra beads from projects that are complete, beads that somehow did not match the color or style you wanted, pretty beads that just don't "speak to you" (if you know what I mean). What to do?  I know - a blog hop! I thought it would be fun to have participants take these beads and combine them with beads on their tables to create something new!  Several talented and brave ladies took on this challenge. A couple people started a blog just for this occasion!

Of course, I got so busy making and sending the kits, that I forgot to photograph them!  Luckily, many of the participants did take pictures, and you will see them on their blogs.

I got into the spirit by taking some beads from my bead table and making a pair of earrings.  I had made something similar months ago and took it apart because I did not like the style of chain, and how the beads hung on the chain. So - here is the new and improved version of my "beehive" earrings.  The unakite beads are ribbed and shaped like cute beehives, hence the name:

Before we get to the list of talented ladies who participated, let's talk about a GIVEAWAY!  I will be giving away my beehive earrings to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment below (before midnight EST on October 20th, 2012 - one entry per person) and tell me:  What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you have ever made (or purchased), and why. I will pick a winner by randomizer on October 21st, 2012. Make sure to leave me some way to contact you! (Now for some necessary legal stuff - this giveaway/sweepstakes is open to US and Canada residents only.  There is no purchase necessary to win).

Now, on to the fabulous jewelry!

 Your Host: Lisa Lodge (You are Here)

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Audrey Belanger, Dreams of an Absolution
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Inge von Roos, Inge's Blog
Kristen Stevens, My Bead Journey
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Toltec Jewels, Jewel School Friends
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Sandra Wollberg, City of Brass Stories


  1. I like your earrings, and the bead. Soupis such a great idea! I have been looking at the jewelry being made so cool! My favorite jewelry piece was a peyote beaded bracelet with strands of beads across the top. It was so fun to make! I had never done peyote stitch before. I had just learned how to make this bracelet in a bead group. It took. Me 6 hours to make not including trying to find the right beads and supplies. I picked out some beautiful dark and light blue seed beads in different shapes and sizes for the stringing across the top. The mix was so pretty and I loved that it was a mix and so I just dug my needle in and scooped up many beads at a time. It was so fun after working so hard on the very rigid peyote stitch.
    Thanks for sharing your earrings :)


  2. I love your beehive earrings, and I'm loving this hop. Another great big THANKS for all the work you've done. My favorite piece of jewelry changes about as often as I learn something new. Currently it's a polymer clay pea pod on a silver ball chain with 3 peas which is one for each member of the family.

  3. Great blog hop, had a blast with my entries, and like the look of the chain on your earrings. Thanks again.

  4. My favorite piece of jewelry that I made is a multicolored string of pearls with a loop in the center. I love pearls and these are beauties. I often wear it at fairs where I am selling my jewelry and get lots of compliments. I don't think I will ever part with it.

    Thanks for the giveaway and blog hop.

  5. Hi Lisa! Just wanted to say you have fabulous taste in beads. Thanks so much for taking the time to select these coordinating batches for us to play with. It's obvious you put a lot of thought into them. Thanks also for hosting the hop. There's some really talented designers here!

  6. Lisa,
    I love these beehive earrings. Your blog hop really challenged me and I think that is a wonderful thing so thank you. My favorite piece of jewelry I ever made was my wedding necklace, that was such a wonderful special day for me and I LOVE the design of my necklace, it was inspired by a piece that a great friend of mine, Sweet Freedom designs created, even though mine looked completely different. I used fresh water pearls and pink Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. I beleive that I have a picture of it on my blog somewhere. I think I will post a picture of it on AW too.

  7. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for letting me in at the last minute. I enjoyed working with the bead soup mix you sent. Your bee hive earrings are very pretty and fun. My favorite piece of mine is the Summer Lovin' piece I did this year it is my first Right Angel Weave that I did not use a tutorial to create. This piece also just won 2nd place at my State Fair.

  8. Oh - Lisa,..I LOVE the beehive earrings!! Those are right up my alley girl!! Thanks for hosting such a fun blog hop and for sending all those beautiful and inspiring beads - love them and all the wonderful designs these talented artists are making with them.
    My favorite piece of jewelry is anything I create with pearls,...and a pmc pendant necklace that I took an impression of an old coin from that my husband gave me. It's some foreign coin and looks so cool,...of course there's a salt water pearl dangle hanging with it!! You know me! ;-)

  9. Love the revised beehive earrings, they would look great on my lobes, LOL! Thanks for hosting the blog hop.

  10. Lisa, thank you for such a fun blog hop. I love your earrings. They look like they would be fun to wear. :)

    My favorite piece that I've made (I think) is a beaded bead necklace that I made for Beadwork's contest. I really enjoyed making all the beads and pairing them with some beautiful lampworked beads.

    My favorite piece that I've purchased is a necklace by Keirsten Giles that used a pendant made my Erin Prais-Hintz. It's just gorgeous -- and something I would never have been able to create.

  11. Those are so cute. I love unakite and the beehive shape is great. My favorite piece is a necklace I made in a challenge. It was " The Eyes of Texas are on You. It was the first time I used fiber in a piece. First time I showed it to someone they loved it.

  12. Lisa, thank you for hosting the blog hop!! I love your beehive earrings!
    My favorite piece of jewelry is the necklace I made for my sister for her wedding. It has crystals from our mothers jewelry and pearls from our grandmothers, plus I put three stones in the center to represent our parents and her daughter that she lost much too soon.

  13. Thank you so much for being such a gracious hostess Lisa! Your earrings are lovely - I love the beehive shape!

    My favorite piece of jewelry I've ever made is one from the very beginning of my etching days - probably in 2007 - that opened up a whole new world of jewelry making for me. When I opened my Etsy shop, it was the first piece that I sold.

  14. My favorite piece of jewelry that I have made was one that I sent off to Thailand for the Holiday Bling Blog Hop. It just looked so luxurious when I was done with it.

  15. What a fabulous idea sharing the beads - and the new beehive earrings are very cool!
    LO i'm just trying to be better about visiting other blogs and wow - get to enter into a drawing - how cool is that!
    I think my favorite piece of jewelry I've made is an anklet I made for myself this past summer - it's 3 strands of delica beads in 3 different shades of blue - But, it also has beads dangling from the strands to represent my 2 kids and dil, and 3 others to represent my grand children, and one for me. Sort of like a mini family tree!

  16. Just popped into all the blogs. WOW!!!! I saw beads there that I had the same and saw others use some in EXACTLY the same combination LOL Funny how beads speak that way.
    Very very delightful way to spend an afternoon being shown so many pretties.
    Love and hugs to all

  17. Anonymous10/14/2012

    I like the earrings a lot.
    My favorite piece of jewelry is a diamond pendant. My husband had been engaged before we met and had a diamond ring. I admired the diamond and told him I would much rather have a pendant since I did not wear rings. Years later he surprised me (after I had stopped asking) with a beautiful pendant made by a local jewelry artist.

  18. This was such a great challenge. I love those bee hive earrings! You ash what my favorite piece is and that is sooo hard for me to choose I have several that are my go to pieces.

  19. The giveaway is awesome. I will spend the weekend visiting the blog hop.